Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meeting Jennedy

Yesterday, Jack and I got to meet Jennedy Jazmin, who we had know from yearly photos for the last three years but now we are a real presence for each other. Our hearts were touched when she brought out the photo of us that we had sent three years ago, then brought out an envelope with all the letters and photos we had sent. Our hearts were totally captured when, at the end of the visit, when asked if she had anything else to say to us, said shyly, "te quiero mucho" (I love you a lot.) It was hard to leave and our letters will have more meaning from now on.

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i4Gc said...

Great to see such a wonderful blog. Just back last night from Captiva and catching up with your trip. Glad your visit with Jennedy went so well. Baron has also kept all your pictures which he showed us this morning. He is doing well

Cristy sent us a picture from "Smith-Browns" II vacation. Very much appreciated.