Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Vision Team

I've sent the URL for this blog to a few friends and family and I thought it would be helpful to have a bit of background to our trip, here on the blog.

We're from First Parish in Brookline, plus one nephew from California, traveling through Common Hope ( Here's their mission statement: "Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families, and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care, and housing."
We'll fly to Guatemala City then travel by van, southwest, to Antigua.

As a team, we've taken on the sponsorship of one 8-year-old girl, Dulce, whom we'll meet when we're there. Others in the group sponsor other children, and they'll meet them, too.

During our week, we'll build a house for a family (I personally am hoping they have a need for unskilled labor...). We're bringing that family a Welcome Blanket, which our church made from "shirts off our back" -- kids and adults collected shirts, cut squares, and sewed the quilt you see here.

And we're each coming prepared to lead an activity with the children at the school. You'll be seeing more about that if you come back to our blog! Hope you will - we'd love the sense of connection with our home community.

Excitement levels are high! Thanks for your interest!

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