Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting Allan

Linda and I met the family of the 7 year old boy that our son and daughter in laws family sponsors.
Allan seems a very bright child and is doing well in school. He loved the etch a sketch that we brought him from our sons family. He immediately started writing on the board and did so the entire time we were there.
His mother is very pleasant and outgoing, even animated. She seems very dedicated to keeping her kids in school and has a son, Alejandro, who has passed the 6th grade level which is a significant achievement in Guate and one that common Hope is focussing on.
The social worker with whom we traveled and who is the social worker assigned to this family is the same one I traveled with when we were here three years ago. He personifies the people of Common Hope in general and the band of social workers in particular who provide support to families while makng sure the families are taking the agreed steps to a better life.
We left with hug and kisses from a smiling Allan and his mother, promising a fire truck book from our grandson. ( Alex -hope you can spare one.)


jonboy1969 said...

waiting for an update!!

Justin said...

very cool!!!!

melanie said...

This blog is great- gives us an idea of how hard you are working and how much you're accomplishing!!
The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing. melanie

Carter Smith said...

what a great way to share your important work. the fotos and the descriptions really make your experience come alive for us.