Thursday, April 22, 2010

Construction Continues

These photos were all taken today - we hope you're impressed! We installed the 14 panels that we'd made earlier in the week, working from one corner in the back to the front corner. There was a fair amount of re-work (note the use of the pick ax, the boot, the hammer, and various other bodies of force) but in the end, we finished everything except the roof.

The family for whom we're building the house currently lives on the property already - we're basically doubling their living space. Mid-morning we heard 'clip clap clip clap' and realized it was daughter Sonya making tortillas - we enjoyed a hot one, and some delicious watermelon, served by her mother, as a siesta snack. The family father, Don Lorenzo, also joined in in making his own house.

Tomorrow is the big day when we have a House Blessing on the finished [presumably with a roof] home!


jonboy1969 said...

ahh, nice description on the re-work. I love the use of 'the boot' :) its a vital tool for building!

Gene said...

I knew in my head you were all "building a house," but to see it is amazing. You really are building a house! I am duly impressed!

In all seriousness, what a trip.



Mike Sandmel said...

Looking good! I'm really enjoying keeping up with your adventure

Pat B said...

Kerri: how is life for the teenagers? I can't wait to talk to you about it.

Pat B
your old OWL teacher