Monday, April 19, 2010

Guatemalan Donuts

Linda, Charles and I spent the afternoon cooking with 4 Guatemalan women. We taught them chile right from Senora Betty Crocker which took about 20 minutes. They countered with molettas or what became known as Guate donuts.

They were incredibly complicated and took almost two hours to make. The two older abuelas, reluctantly at first, allowed us to participate in the process, kind of amazed at the idea of two men working in the kitchen. They left with big hugs for all of us.


Anne Principe said...

I hope you saved some donuts so I can try one! Or if nothing else, I'd be happy to spend two hours making Guate donuts back here.

It is great to see photos of all of you in action -- engaged. It is so amazing that you're all there and doing what you have been dreaming of all year.

Miss you and can't wait for the stories.


i4Gc said...

Guate donuts....hmmmm....can't wait to hear about your trip...............over Guate donuts!

Steve and Margie

PS...Margie liked the idea of two men in the kitchen...wonder if Steve noticed?

Pat B said...

Well, if you work hard, you DESERVE to eat donuts!

Linda, I have never seen you happier than in these pictures.

What a wonderful trip!